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Rangers Girls Track & Field (9-12)

Regular Season Current
Current x Regular Season

Fundraising Dates

Cub Foods Grocery Bagging-

May 4th, 9:00am-6:00pm


Pledge Drive

April 8th-11th

Event will take place during practice

Contact- Coach Laidlaw


Booster Club Information

Our Booster Club is looking for YOU! The Booster Club is an essential part in the success of this team. Our Booster Club organizes fundraisers, pays for meals, equipment and resources the team needs. Recently, the Booster Club has purchased a new high jump pit, and large team tent. 

A few people to help organize the end of season banquet

A few people to help organize spaghetti dinners

*If you are interested in helping out with anything else, don't hesitate to let us know! 



Sheila Konz

Booster Club Coordinator

Lisa Stang


Karyn Wilson

Apparel Coordinator

Help Needed

Banquet Coordinator

Peggy Duffy

Cub Foods Fundraising Coordinator

Sheila Konz

Heggies Pizza Fundraising Coordinator