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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Procedure

Conflict Resolution Process:  In order to allow an expression of differences that occur in athletics, a procedure has been developed for establishing a line of communication between school, parent-guardian, students, and coaches.  This procedure should follow an orderly process. We also feel that this is a learning process for student-athletes in becoming an advocate for themselves.


The following steps should be followed when a concern arises.  Our goal is to resolve the conflict at the lowest intervention level possible, but do not hesitate to follow the entire process if necessary. 


Step I (Coaches/Student):  The student and the coach/adviser will meet to discuss the issue.  It is strongly recommended that the coach has an assistant present as a witness of this conversation. 

  • Player identifies their concerns
  • Coach works with player to identify a resolution plan 


Step II (Coaches/Student/Parent-Guardian):  The coach, student, and parents meet at a time and place that is convenient to all parties.  Coaches/advisers may request administrative presence at the meeting, but the coach/adviser will run the session and provide a detailed summary for the Activities Director signed by all stakeholders.   

  • Student and coach providing a review of the Step I meeting 
  • Discuss the resolution plan and why it has not worked
  • Parties work to identify a solution that both agree to 


Step III (Coaches/Student/Parent-Guardian/Activities Director):  If no closure is attained through Step II and a meeting with the Activities Director is requested a Step III form should be completed and turned into the Activities Director.  The Activities Director will arrange a meeting with the coaches, student and parent-guardians. 

  • Agreements and disagreements discussed to date
  • Action plan and its outcomes discussed
  • Activities Director is there to mediate discussion but could offer solutions
  • Activities Director informs building principal of situation


Step IV (Parent-Guardian/Principal):  The Activities Director, coach/adviser, and/or student will participate in Step IV at the Principal’s discretion. 

  • Resolution plans from Steps I, II and III discussed
  • Principal mediates discussion and offers solution
  • Principal informs the Superintendent of situation


Key point in conflict resolution process

  • It is inappropriate to approach a coach before or after a game or practice (coaches have been instructed not to engage in conversations in these settings)
  • Playing time and team selection is determined solely by the coaching staff
  • Calls should be directed to school contact numbers only and only during reasonable hours
  • Data privacy rules must be followed, coaches cannot discuss any other students
  • If the parent refuses to involve the student in the process, the conflict resolution process is compromised