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Ranger Boys Basketball (9-12)

Regular Season 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Regular Season

Player Policies (please read!)

Ranger Basketball 

Player Policies


The purpose of this handbook is to inform you of what is expected of you as a member of our program.  We desire to have a championship team.  Our policies have been created to help us achieve our goal.  

This handbook is not meant to replace the line of communication between you and your coaches but rather to give you guidelines and too encourage you to communicate with your coaches.  

It is a privilege to be a member of our basketball program.  Take pride in everything you do as part of our basketball program.  The success you will enjoy will result from the effort you are willing to give.  Nothing good comes easy.   


Fact: You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.

  1. Do your best in the classroom, on the court and in the community.  
  2. Represent yourself, your family, and the basketball program in a positive way.
  3. Be committed and loyal to your team and teammates.

Decision Making

Each day you will be faced with decisions that will affect your experience and success at Forest Lake High School.  Do your best to make the correct decision, one you can stand by and feel good about.  Sounds simple, but it will not always be easy.  

General Rules and Regulations


  • Before practice make sure the floor is swept.  
  • Put basketballs away and throw away trash.  
  • Practice gear-Always wear it and keep it clean.  Shorts should be worn at your waist.  
  • Be on time.  
  • Swearing or vulgar language will not be tolerated.  
  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Concentrate-pay attention.  No one sits down during practice.  
  • Do it right, do it well, do it quickly.
  • Perform at game speed.  Move quickly from drill to drill.
  • Understand and respect the importance of the JV team.  
  • Compete.  Make it obvious you are working harder than everyone.  
  • Help each other get better. 
  • Use your teammates names.  
  • If you are injured you are required to be at practice.
  • Refer to coaches only as Coach or Mr. __________.

Locker Room

  • Lock up your valuables.
  • Control your language.
  • Clean up after yourself and others.
  • Hazing will not be tolerated.  


  • Let a coach know that you are hurt.
  • The “word” of the trainer is equal to the words of the coaches.
  • Rehab and treat your injury according to the treatment plan.  
  • Get taped and/or treatment before practice.
  • The Training staff will determine your practice/playing status
  1. “GO” Good for full practice/play
  2. “LIMITED”-Good for approved drill work.
  3. “OUT”-Injury/Illness is too severe to participate/play.  Attend practice in sweats and follow along.  



  • When we are traveling to a game the focus on the bus will be about preparing to win a basketball game.  Noise level and conversation should reflect that focus.  
  • Our dress policy is that we wear our team travel wear.  No exceptions.
  • Be on time and check your bag for all your gear.
  • Clean up after your self.
  • Everyone will return with the team unless you have special circumstances, have written permission, and have cleared with the head coach. 

Pre game 

  • Be prepared to play.  
  • Have your uniform on, shoes tied, stretching done, etc., before the Coach reviews the game plan with you.  
  • Understand the game plan and ask questions if you don’t.
  • Enter the gym for pre game with energy and confidence.  Warm up at game speed and practice game shots.
  • Exit the gym at the 3 minute mark for the locker room and a brief message from the coaching staff.  Reenter on the hop and with energy.  
  • Stand tall for the National Anthem, look at the flag and place your hand over your heart.   

Game time:

  • Never question or comment on an officials call.  
  • Accept coaching.
  • Do not talk to opponents or fans.  Under no circumstances do you get involved in a verbal match.  Let the scoreboard talk for you.  
  • Respect the game, never whine, make excuses or blame others.  Instead play with class, discipline, and pride.  Keep your composure especially during adverse times.
  • When you come out of a game give the coaches and each bench player five before sitting down.  You will not go back into a game if you leave it with a poor attitude.  
  • Make sure you understand your assignment when you enter the game.  
  • On the bench pay attention and support your teammates, listen attentively during time outs and team huddles.  
  • Playing time is not guaranteed to anyone nor is it up for discussion.  You may or may not play in a game.  Stay ready and perhaps your chance will come.  

Post game

  • Line up and shake your opponents hands.
  • Home game-go upstairs line up, shake hands and thank people for coming.
  • Away game-get dressed clean up the locker room, and head to the bus.
  • In most cases the coaches will not address the team until the next practice.  
  • After a win be humble and after a loss be reflective.  


  • Do not criticize your opponents or blame officials.
  • Be humble, talk more about your teammates.
  • Be kind and courteous.
  • You have the right not to comment on any question.  Use common sense.  


  • Go for the best grade possible
  • Attend class, be on time, be respectful to staff, participate and work hard.
  • Be an asset to the class.  The teacher should be disappointed if you are not there.  

School and Community

  • Use manners, please, thank you, etc.
  • Volunteer.  Help make things better.  

Code of Conduct

  • Violating the Minnesota State High School League rules will result in suspension and may include permanent dismissal from the team. 

Consequences for failing team expectations:

  • Meeting
  • Playing time/Suspension/Dismissal


I have read, understand, and agree to the player/team/expectations:


Player signature:______________________________

Parent signature:______________________________


Varsity:  Dan Cremisino
Varsity Assistants: Kevin Keto, Kale Henry

Junior Varsity:  Ben Hoidal

B-Squad:  Dave Ostercamp      

Freshman:  Jim Pearson

Squad Selection


The Forest Lake High School athletic programs are highly competitive.Due to our large school and limited opportunities, we are not able to place every child on a team who wishes to participate.  While this is not our desire, it is a reality. As an athlete, understand there is a very real possibility you may not be selected for a team. 

In order to make a varsity team a player must be outstanding and also play a position the team needs.  Underclass student-athletes possessing these qualities have the same opportunity to make a team as a senior does.   If selected, you should be prepared to accept placement at any level, be it Freshmen, B-squad, Junior Varsity or Varsity.  

A main goal of a competitive athletic program is to put the most talented and skilled members of the team in competition, to win the contest.  Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to anyone.  Each team member is very valuable to the team’s overall progress.

By being a member of a team, regardless of time spent in actual competition, a person can learn many valuable lessons:  

  • Citizenship
  • Sportsmanship 
  • Working together to meet team goals
  • Responsibility and commitment to team and school
  • Loyalty 
  • Placing team above self
  • Learning to accept instruction and criticism
  • Respect for others and winning and losing with dignity

​Focus on what you want to happen, not what you don't want to happen.