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Student Political Action Committee

About Us

The Forest Lake student body has the potential to be the most influential political interest group in the city, and it's the goal of Student Political Action Committee to use that influence to effect real change and make a lasting impact on our community.

Current Focuses

Beltz Park:
We're actively working with the Parks, Trails, and Lakes Commission to renovate Beltz Park, near St. Peters Church. Our goal is to capture several hundred thousand dollars in funds to make the park more attractive to the community's teens.

The Levy:
This fall, voters will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to increase community funding to the school district for the first time in over a decade. In the past several years alone, millions of dollars in spending have been cut from the budget, losing us dozens of quality teachers, custodians, coaches, and more, and allowing our schools to fall behind those in surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about the levy.

And much more:
While these two projects are our primary focus right now, we have the ability to affect change on anything and everything from school lunches to lake water quality. We have complete agency over our pursuits.


2018-2019 Informational Meeting - Thursday 9/13 at 3:00 in room 107

Regular Meetings - TBD

2018-2019 Executive Committee

Reed Nelson

Matthew Strupp

Tristan Brunfelt











Reed Nelson

PAC Executive

Mark Finnemann