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Forest Lake ETS Strength & Performance

Summer Forest Lake ETS Strength & Performance

ETS Strength & Performance is available for current 7-12th grade students.  The registration fee is $100 for the Summer session. *Please register on FeePay.

7-12 Graders

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Sessions start at 6:30 AM and last session is at 2:00 PM

The Summer Session starts on Monday, June 8. The last day of the Summer Session is Thursday, August 6th.  


Fall Session:  Sept. 9th - Nov. 12th

Winter Session: Nov. 16th - March 4th

Spring Session:  March 16th - June 10th

Summer Session:  June 8th - Aug. 6th



Joe Jurasin

Weight Training Coach

Phone: 651-982-8489

Sam Ferraro

Weight Training Coach

Jesse Bade

Weight Training Coach

Phone: 815-970-3298


Our mission is to provide unmatched speed, power, deceleration, energy system development, movement and performance mastery for serious athletes who are 100% committed to fully maximizing both their genetic physical and psychological potential.


Our training philosophy is to provide every Forest Lake athlete the opportunity to significantly improve their relative strength, power, linear and lateral speed, ability to biomechanically master the art of deceleration while also significantly improving their overall athleticism and becoming less prone to injury.  Our systematic and step by step approach to developing better athletes will significantly correlate to an improved performance on the field, court, pool and ice.  Under the direction of an ETS Performance Coach, every athlete will experience a next level training atmosphere that can't be matched that is equally focused on character development, accountability and competition as we are the next level performance results that every athlete will experience.  


Our goal is for every athlete to leave each session understanding the physical objective for that session, but also understand the importance of consistency, dedication and commitment to ensure they are maximizing their results.  We believe the missing link in most training programs is the consistent and professional emphasis and attention to detail on the basics of an athlete's complete athletic development separated from their sport specific skill work.