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Forest Lake Strength & Performance

HS Weight Training 2023-24

Weight training is available for FLAMS & FLAHS students that will be in grades 7-12 for the 2023-24 school year.  There are 3 different sessions; Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each session is $70.00 and will run Monday-Thursday.  Sessions start right at 3:00pm by the weight room and run until approximately 4:00pm.  *Please register on SmartSchool K-12. (See step by step instructions on the Registration & Forms tab)

7-12 Graders

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


2023/24 FALL Session-      (Sept. 11th- Nov. 10th, 2023)  $70.00

2023/24 WINTER Session- (Nov. 13th- Mar. 1st, 2024)     $70.00

2023/24 SPRING Session- (Mar. 11th- June 5th, 2024)    $70.00



Jesse Bade

Weight Training Coach

Phone: 815-970-3298