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National Honor Society

Elsa Tostrud


Phone: 651-982-8430

Lynda Rupp


Phone: 651-982-8449

Mission Statement

Mission Statement for the Forest Lake Chapter

of the National Honor Society

 As members of the Forest Lake Area High School Chapter of the National Honor Society, we will:

Maintain or exceed the minimum required GPA (3.5 for seniors, 3.8 for juniors) while taking advantage of challenging academic courses offered at Forest Lake Area High School.

Uphold the standards of highest moral character, make positive choices for ourselves and our school, display integrity and courtesy, and remember always that we are role models inside and outside of the classroom, bus, and campus.

 Demonstrate leadership at all times, regardless of situation, by taking initiative in the classrooms of the high school, participating in several of the activities offered through the district, presenting service opportunities to our organization, and role modeling dependability.

 Value the importance of serving others, both through our chapter activities and though individual service endeavors, by completing the required number of service hours set by our chapter and enthusiastically representing Forest Lake Area High School and the National Honor Society.