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Ranger Boys Swim & Dive (7-12)

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Click the flyer to sign-up for the team!

Click the flyer to sign-up for the team!

2022-2023 Swim and Dive Team

Upcoming Season Competitions/Important information

JV conferences @ Oltman Middle School

Meet begins at noon- bus leaves at 9:45am

Messages from the coach/weekly updates

Dear families-

Hope you're settling in for a relaxing Sunday night. There is A LOT going on this week with JV conferences on Saturday and no other meets this week. We have hit full taper for our JV conference athletes and our varsity guys will be on full taper starting Thursday. Please read some of the following about taper as this is new for many families. 

Please encourage them to eat healthy, stay on a healthy, regular sleep schedule and a positive mindset.  JV athletes will be given tech suits to use for their conference meet later this week. Any Varsity athlete needing a tech suit will have them available the week of sections. These are suits that swimmers wear in championship meets and can be a little tight. Swimmers should be shaving for championship meets as well. This is not something done due to hair, but rather to remove dead skin and improve feel in the water. Any space not covered by a cap or suit should be shaved. This is typically done the night before a championship meet or the day of. For JV conference, we recommend the night before; for sections athletes should do it the day of prelims and again for finals. There will be a letter for athletes asking them to be excused from PE and any excessive exercise at school this week and next. With that said, it is not surprising if the boys have more energy the next two weeks, please remember athletes, save the energy for the pool. Now onto the coming week! 

All JV athletes will remain with the coaches and take bus 66 to the pool each day and spend time working school work and preparing with coaches for some visualization. Varsity athletes will have regular drylands through Wednesday. Upon the completion of drylands, the athletes will report to the pool around 3pm each day for visualization, stretching and  practice. I cannot promise what time the team will be done each day but I have done my best to give an estimate. 



Varsity Drylands: 2:50- 3:50pm Group 1 to Kettlebell/group 2 report to the pool till 6pm

JV: done around 5:30pm



Varsity Drylands: 2:50- 3:50pm Group 2 to Kettlebell/group 1 report to the pool till 6pm

JV: done around 5:30pm


Wednesday- All athletes will report to the weight room at the high school. They will carpool after weights to the pool

V: Practice till 6pm

JV: Practice till 5:15pm


Thursday- ALL athletes to the pool at 3pm. Visualization then practice. After practice there will be a JV team meal for the JV athletes at the pool. IF there is some extra, varsity can eat some as well. 

V: Practice till 6pm

JV: done swimming by 5:30pm, food right after


Friday- All athletes to the pool for stretching and visualization 

Varsity: Practice till 5:45pm

JV: Practice till 4:45pm



Varsity: Practice from 7am till 9am- pool will open at 6:40am for setup

JV conference athletes: Bus leaves from the pool at 9:45am and meet begins at noon. Diving happens during the meet. ALL athletes are expected to (if possible) come support their team. If you need to ride the bus, athletes are more than welcome to. 


After the meet on Saturday there will be a team get together at Applebee's. All are welcome and we hope you can join us to celebrate the great work by the athletes. That should cover all of it. Let me know if you have any questions!


- Mancini

Current Photos of Team/ Recent Accomplishments


Bengal Invite: 9 out of 9

Maroon and Gold: 13 out of 16

Tartan Invite: 2nd out of 12



Team Forms

Coaches Contact Information

Coach Mancini- Head Coach

Deb Welch- Head Diving Coach 

Kellie Stedje- Assistant Swim/Dive Coach