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Nordic Skiing (7-12)

Regular Season 2019-2020
2019-2020 x Regular Season

Ryan Wright

Head Coach

FLNT Team Site

Team website providing valuable team information and resources for parents.

FLNT2 Facebook Group

The team's FB page will be transitioning to this group in time for the 2020/21 season.

FLNT2 Facebook Page

Gathering place for race results, team announcements, photos, etc.

All things local Nordic news, high school race results, race photos, and classifieds

Please watch the FLNT Team Site for announcements in the next couple weeks.  Think snow!

MSHSL Pole Length Enforcement

Excerpt from the fall coaches' meeting:

The new pole length restrictions will be enforced this season, following the 83% of height for the length of classical poles (100% of height for skate poles).  Measurement was defined as the athlete in shoes/boots (not on skis), with pole tip in ground and measured to top of the strap attachment.   Boonstra pointed out that an 83% measurement almost universally came to the top of his test subjects shoulders.  It was generally agreed that teams would be responsible for enforcing this policy and there would not be mandatory pole checks at the events.  If a protest was to be lodged, it must be done at the time of the race before the competitor has left the finish area, it order to ensure the correct poles could be measured.  There was some discussion on what the penalty would be for an infraction, with some suggesting the entire team be disqualified and others arguing the simple DQ of the athlete should be enough punishment. Skiers who broke a pole and received a replacement that might exceed the 83% rule would not be penalized.